Dave's RotR Campaign 6/22/09

A Strange Call Answered by a Strange Man

Our story begins in the city of Sandpoint. A band of rag-tag adventurers, held only by the small personal allegiences between various members, arrives in town. Fresh from goblin slaying a few miles to the north, they come wearied and with great thirst and hunger. Though some of them are dressed in strange garb and others seem a bit less than trustworthy; they are greeted warmly by most who meet their gaze. After the long travel, even the impressive sight of a rusty old dragon atop the tavern in front of them seems bland. It is here that they stay for a few weeks and regroup. Spending time to learn of one another more thouroughly and prepare to set off again. Little do they know. Here, in this tiny village, they take the first steps on the path that will take them on the greatest adventure of their lives! Far away, in a land unseen by the outside world for millenia, there comes a call of distress. For what and from whom are unclear. What is known is that it is grave and sends a wave of urgency through those who receive it. To seek the truth on the matter, they send a young disciple forth to gather formidable companions and solve this plaguing mystery. Teleported by the powers of his people far from him home, a lone wizard must take the dark pathand seek the light.


Let me know what you think of this.


You’ve got a way with words Dave. And we’ve got some catching up to do. I wonder how I can combine my campaign with yours.


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